Ossabaw Island

Ossabaw Island Sunset

Ossabaw Island Sunset by John Henderson

A 26,000 Acre Barrier Island

Ossabaw Island is a 26,000 acre barrier island on the Atlantic Ocean, owned by the State of Georgia and located in Chatham County.  Georgia’s first Heritage Preserve is accessible only by boat.  This undeveloped island has been set aside by an Executive Order for natural, scientific and cultural study, research education, environmentally sound preservation, conservation and management of the island’s ecosystem.

Schedule an All-Day Tour for 1-6 People

This tour includes a boat ride to Ossabaw Island, guided walking tour of the ecology and human history of the island from 3500 BCE to the present and time on your own to hike or relax under the trees or in rocking chairs on the Club House porch.  Weather and tides permitting a short beach excursion is included.  Bring your own sack lunch.  Each tour is scheduled individually.
Website: http://www.ossabawisland.org/

Schedule a Day Trip for Your Club or Group
Ideal for:  Civic groups, Garden Clubs, Red Hat Society, Family Reunions

Trip Ideas for your Adventure

: General overview history tour; the history of indigo and tabby on Ossabaw

: African American / Gullah-Geechee history from Africa to Ossabaw to Pin Point

: 20th Century creatives and the Ossabaw Island Project (including time to make your own art)

How it Works

Your group coordinator works in tandem with Ossabaw Island Foundation staff to schedule your tour.  Meals can be individual “bring your own lunch” or your group coordinator can plan for box lunches with Savannah based caterers.  Transportation to and from Ossabaw is handled by your group coordinator via independent boat Captains from Ossabaw Island Foundation’s preferred Captain’s list, selected for their safety, knowledge of the local waters, and reliability in scheduling.

Overnight Workshop Led by Your Instructors

Writing workshops, archeological excavations, photography workshops, short-term history courses.  These creative excursions can be scheduled for one night or several days and can be taught on Ossabaw Island.

Comfortable overnight accommodations for up to 30 people (including instructors and students in semi-private rooms or dormitory-style housing

: Full working kitchens and 21st century plumbing.

How it Works

Your group coordinator submits a curriculum to the Ossabaw Island Foundation for approval as part of the Heritage Preserve guidelines, and coordinates the meals and transportation to and from the island.  Ossabaw Island Foundation staff are on site with the group for your entire workshop and work closely with your group coordinator to facilitate transportation around Ossabaw Island.

Website: http://www.ossabawisland.org/